Our visions are made of frame compositions, which converge allowing us to watch again situations that occurred in another space, another time.

Our history is in each of those frames that belong to us, they are our projections while a part of us. Disagreeing with the concept of aesthetic: the eyes of the observer, educated by the eyes of the photographer.

The video, the "empty space" that welcomes a creative act, a space delimited by a screen, that determinates a form within which to create.

The monitor is what is left when everything has already been created, said and told, a black hole, the space disappears, becomes an absent space in which the story moves itself, rearranges itself without colour.

The detachment surpassed, it is time to replenish, create a new meaning, recompose with memories, with films. A space in which the memory remains imprinted, a space no longer editable in our minds nor in the matter.

The recovery of a matter always becomes the recovery of someone’s story, recovery that fills a space, become voice and the centre of an empty space, which wants to collect stories.

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